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I am always mesmerized by the buzzing potential of a new year. A new year doesn't just bring excitement, but new challenges as well. It is our job as children of God to put our hands in his hands and face the future unafraid. Ultimately, God will sustain us thorough this year as he has done in years past.

However, lets not look at this year as a "New Year, New Me" cliche. Rather, embrace 2021 as a "New Year, Better Me!" model. My grandmother once told me that everything new and shiny is not always better. Sometimes you need the old and worn because they last much longer. I cannot express to you how many new things I have that I just don't need. What I need is not new, but simply better.

This year, make your life better! Work on yourself internally and spiritually (they are different) and build your relationship with God. Don't just plan a fitness routine for your body without planning a proper routine for your soul. Love greater, listen closer, look harder, forgive quicker, freak out less, stop judging, starting caring. BE BETTER.

A young lady once said to her father, "Daddy, you wear the same suit everywhere. Its missing a button, has a small tear, and it needs to be dry cleaned. You need a new suit." To which the father looked at his daughter and said, "This suit was what I wore when I met your mom. It is the suit I wore to get my1st job which put you through college. This is the suit I wore to your graduation! I don't need a new one. I just need a button, a needle, and some thread. That will make it better!"


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