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God sees You!

It is not uncommon to believe that in times of intense struggle or even persecution, that you are alone. I know for me, there have been moments in my life where the pressure of living a life unfulfilled had gotten the best of me. Living then becomes a task or a chore rather than an opportunity or a adventure that brings great accomplishment along with some challenges. The truth of the matter is that you and I are NOT meant to live alone. The pandemic has proven this. How many of us are eager to rip the mask of and embrace a loved one or friend? How many of you want to run through the grocery store, mask-less no less, and speak to every person you come across? While some may consider this a dangerous and haphazard response to the mask mandate being lifted, it is truly a response to being lonely for so long. It is the product of being locked in and locked out for 18 months, quarantined to our own living quarters with minimal human interaction with the exception of your close family. But what does one say about the person with no family? The single person? the empty nester? Loneliness is uncommon.

Now, while some of you will read this and make the assumption that I am writing against mask, you would be wrong. I am writing against the feeling of loneliness. Scripture tells us in Hebrews 13:5 that He would never leave us or abandon us. In fact, before Jesus ascends to Heaven he promises us...A COMFORTER! You have someone that is always with you and will always be with you. Furthermore, Christ knows about your needs and knows that loneliness is not his mandate for your life. God is with you through every page, chapter, and story of your life! He cares about you and makes it a targeted goal to give your comfort in times of deep sorrow.

The challenge for us my brothers and sisters...LET HIM IN. Most often we neglect the stability of God because we due not recognize his stance. We sometimes can't conceive or understand Him. Yet, this does not mean his is not understandable. If you will just take some time to get to know God and ask him with all of your heart to give you comfort and company, God will show up. Take this time to evaluate your relationship with God and to strengthen the part of that relationship that is weak. God wants a relationship with you! He wants to chill with you! There is no need to be lonely, because God sees you!

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