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One Day Closer to Christmas

“I can’t believe Christmas is over,” my dejected daughter said. I know how she feels: The aftermath of Christmas can feel dreary. Presents have been opened. The tree and lights must come down. Listless January—and, for many, the need to shed holiday pounds—awaits. Christmas—and the breathless anticipation that comes with it—suddenly feels eons away. A few years ago, as we were putting Christmas stuff away, I realized: no matter what the calendar says, we’re always one day closer to the next Christmas. It’s become something I say frequently. But far more important than our temporal celebration of Christmas is the spiritual reality behind it: the salvation Jesus brought into our world and our hope for His return. Scripture talks repeatedly about watching, waiting, and longing for Christ’s second coming. I love what Paul says in Philippians 3:15–21. He contrasts the world’s way of living—with “mind[s] set on earthly things” (v. 19)—with a lifestyle shaped by hope in Jesus’ return: “Our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ” (v. 20). The reality that our “citizenship is in heaven” changes everything, including what we hope for and how we live. That hope is fortified by the knowledge that with every passing day, we’re indeed one day closer to Jesus’ return.

Reflect & Pray What are some of the things you hope for in this world? How do you think your hope in Jesus influences and affects the earthly things you long and hope for? Father, thank You for the hope that I have in Jesus and in His return. When lesser hopes compete for my heart’s affection and attention, help me to lift my eyes to You.

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This is an interesting sight. I just discovered it today. This is March 2024, I find I am again plagued with flu and Covid like symptoms and have been co fined to my bed by my doctor today for a quicker recovery. 3/5/24. It came on Monday of course I felt I could ride the bed take an old medical remedy and ride I. The am ready to make hay in the sunshine. Not this time it got worse under Doctor’s order meds he has been gifted to use for healing and bedrest. This isn’t change for me bouncing back has always been only a few times bedrest and no joint time in the tabernacle praising corporate. God is all…

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