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U.S. auto industry The U.S. auto industry has employed over 28 million Americans and produces over $600 billion worth of vehicles annually. That is how many American jobs were created during the period of 2008-2017, including the jobs that were created during the recession. But, despite this record, auto company executives want us to believe that the industry is too small, too unstable, too inefficient and too complicated to survive. Some say that it will be gone within ten years. It may be the biggest threat to the U.S. economy since the financial crisis. The truth is, we do not need the auto industry to survive. The fact is, if the U.S. has no auto industry, America would not be dead. Just ask the tens of thousands of people that the automobile industry employs, even now. We could survive just fine without an auto industry. In fact, we are about to turn a huge profit by simply selling our automobiles. But, more importantly, we will gain millions of dollars in production of new jobs. We could live just fine without an auto industry. We could produce our automobiles without this industry. But in fact, this is our industry. It makes up nearly 6 percent of our economy. We are about to lose nearly a million jobs due to the auto industry. More than a million workers, who will now struggle to find a new job, will lose their jobs just so that a handful of executives can get richer. We need to stop this. It is time for the auto industry to change. The time has come for the auto industry to stop blaming its economic woes on issues like globalization, outsourcing, corporate greed, technology and regulation. It is time for the auto industry to stop ignoring the real problem. The real problem is that the auto industry is too expensive and too inefficient. The auto industry has been in decline for almost two decades. But, the auto industry is not doomed. It is not dying. It is not dead. It is not collapsing. It is not going away. It is not getting smaller. It is not stopping the production of automobiles. In fact, the auto industry is about to double its production. It is about to create more jobs. It is about to add to our economy. And it is about to become more profitable. Why? Because the auto industry has decided to produce smaller, better, safer vehicles that can go farther, faster and be used in more ways




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Banjo Kazooie Wii Wad 12l bentnew

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