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2020- A Year to Remember

WOW! That is tone way to describe the year 2020 in one word. From personal tragedy to national disaster, this year was a HOT MESS. However, it will undoubtably be a year that I will never forget! In the mist of a pandemic, economic crisis, limitations on worshipping in person for a whole year, death, job loss, you name it....It will still be a year that I will remember with both sorrow and joy. 2020 truly taught us all a few things about ourselves and about our neighbors. It also reminded us a lot about God and his supreme rule. So, what are those things?

  1. It taught me just how out of control I am! Whether you believe in God or not, no one should be able to say that SOMETHING is keeping this world together besides modern science.

  2. I will never take going to church and seeing my church family for granted ever again...even the mean ones I miss. LOL

  3. This has been the most amazing Christmas Season in my life...It is the 1st time I have seen the purpose of Christ's birth truly manifest in the world with my own eyes. Jesus still shines in the mist of a pandemic.

  4. My family is my everything! Quarantine with them taught me the quality and importance of the people I call my wife and kids (and my dog victor too)!

  5. God is real and He is not playing with us!

  6. I will never waste my time on frivolous issues and toxic relationships, my time is precious and time waits for no man.


So, as I embrace 2021 with passion, excitement, and expectation; I say to 2020, THANK YOU! You were truly a year to remember!

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